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The Wines

We are currently offering 5 wines: 

2007 Pinot Noir,  Santa Cruz Mountain
Our debut Pinot comes from the Corralitos district of the Santa Cruz Mountains,
its a classic burgundy style with cherry on the nose, cellared on French Oak to
refine the 
tannins and give a languid finish. Pair with poultry, salmon and veal. 

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon,  Rockpile
Rockpile AVA is a sub district of Sonoma, and is known for its rocky soils,
high elevation and swirling fogs, all of which lead to intense fruit flavors.
Our cabernet shows this heritage with bold taste and a strong tannic base
that stands up well to beef and cheeses, with a very pale note of smoke the
remnants of the 2008 forest fires. 

2008 Merlot, Rockpile 
Merlot is a varietal that's classic in the Bordeaux blends, and we present ours
as a counterpoint to Cabernet, softer and nuanced this wine supports foods
and drinks well all by itself. Its warmth and breadth will elicit respect given a
chance to please you. 

2010 Chardonnay, Carneros 
The Carneros district of Napa produces fine wines, where the cooler days
and nights suit whites and Burgundy varietals. Our Chardonnay comes from
the Thomson Family vineyards, from a hillside running down to Carneros
creek. This 4th generation farming family knows their vines well, and produces
fruit that hit the sugar and acid targets dead on at 24 Brix and 3.4 pH.  
crushed and fermented in Stainless and then aged sur lie with carefully
selected convection toasted French Oak to smooth and impart a subtle
depth while retaining the classic Chablis style minerality.  If you want a
buttery oaked wine, this is not for you, but if you prefer to taste the fruit,
you may well prefer ours.  

2010 Colombard, Santa Clara Valley
Colombard is a traditional Bordeaux white, often used in blends for its crisp
acidity. Ours presents a floral nose with notes of honey and citrus and a softer
finish due to the hint of Viognier we add to soften it. Just released in August,
this wine is a great warm weather accompaniment to melons, berries and